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About Me.

Interactive Front-end developer.

I'm Riccardo Zanutta, a 22-year-old Italian Freelance Front-end developer. I'm a weird guy who likes making weird things with web technologies.
I like to resolve design problems, create smart user interface and imagine useful interaction, developing rich web experiences & web applications.
When not working or futzing around with code, I study how to escape from University. Actually for hire.

  • React.js
  • UI/UX
  • is Fun.
  • Semicolons.

Cerasa Redesign

Front-end Developer - Redesign - Middle 2015
Cerasa is composed of an established team of Italian master craftsmen that produces and puts up bathrooms undisputed of exceptional "Made in Italy" quality. Cerasa...

Project Lato

UI/UX Developer - Team Project - Middle 2016
Lato aims to be a modern, solid and easy-to-use web-based software to manage content. With its intuitive dashboard and hand-crafted UI, Lato helps...

Villaggi La Francesca

Front-end/UI/UX Developer - Website Redesign - Early 2016
A self-sufficient settlement, where you can spend your time with no hurry or constraint. Tourists, who nowadays are more and more desirous to discover landscapes...

Project Sportland

Front-end Developer - Website Redesign - End 2015
Sportland aims to promote the economy and tourism in the foothills and the High Friuli thanks to the multiple sports that you can enjoy in the area. The municipal government...


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